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Get started on your eye gaze journey with EasyClick and cover the learning curve in one app. From early eye gaze users to independent users, EasyClick reaches all kind of needs. Our own computer access software has flexibility built in and unique features for each user.

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Chapter 1

What is EasyClick?

Welcome to our step by step course about Irisbond’s very own computer access software, EasyClick. 

Throughout these modules, we’ll find out everything we’ll need to know about EasyClick: from how to download, set up your profile, and decide which version is right for your needs!

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Chapter 2

EasyClick beginner

Hello and welcome to the second module of our course on EasyClick! We’ll take a look at EasyClick Beginner.  We will see: ideal beginner users, how to download, set up your profile and use Easyclick in this version.

With beginner, users are accompanied by a therapist or family member, and will work with Easyclick using dynamic interaction and assistance from that person.

Chapter 3

EasyClick Pro

In this chapter we’ll dive into EasyClick Pro and see: who are the ideal Pro users, how to set up a profile, and how to get the most out of this version!

EasyClick Pro is designed for independent, developed users, who access the world via eye gaze.



Chapter 4

EasyClick FAQs

Here, we will work through a few common Frequently Asked Questions and their answers!


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As you've learned in the tutorial, you'll need an Hiru to run EasyClick with. Get in touch with us if you still haven't got one!